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Molly McCue.

Steve Williams saved our lives.  The wiring in the original floor of our house blew. Steve did not know us, yet he came immediately and addressed our first priority, and got our refrigerator and kitchen lights working that night. He then patiently worked around my family's other remodeling messes to rewire the entire lower floor, and was professional and considerate in all matters. We moved to an older home from afar, & we were not present for our home inspection, which turned out to be a sugar-coated list of lies. Steve took pictures under the house to illustrate the decrepit state of all of the wiring.  The problems Steve had to address:1. The previous homeowner had "faked" grounding in all of the outlets, which became clear when one removed the outlet covers.   2. We had determined earlier that the home inspector had not removed the cover around our water heater to inspect it, but Steve found that the water heater had not been grounded AT ALL, so a family member could have been electrocuted in a shower. A highly-recommended handyman service had replaced the drainage pipe for that heater a couple of months before Steve arrived, yet the two workmen on that job did not mention the lack of grounding.  3. When we first arrived, we had had another licensed electrician (who had been recommended by our realtor) replace several light fixtures in the downstairs rooms, but Steve showed us that the other electrician had just installed the fixtures on burned-out wiring, with completely frayed and burned insulation, but the other electrician had not told us that we were in danger. 4. Other problems that Steve had to fix arose from incorrect wiring practices from the original construction, which predated wiring standards.5. Steve even eliminated the veritable nest of tangled wires in the storage area above the garage. Steve is a pleasure to work with. He was careful to explain the problems that presented themselves during the rewiring process. I know he is capable of much more complex wiring tasks for cutting-edge technologies, but because he understood that we had experienced innumerable shoddy (yet licensed) workmen in the past couple of years, he was kind enough to see our job through to the end. We hope he will be available to replace the lighting in our yard (which also suffers from strange wiring) sometime in the near future.  We wish Steve Williams every success. He has our respect and gratitude. He has my permission to have prospective clients call me.

Mrs. Linnie Kesselly and  Mother (Norfolk, VA)

My home is situated on a half acre waterfront plot . It was built in the mid-sixties and is beginning to require serious maintenance for various systems. Primarily, the entire electrical wiring was worn and needed replacing as well as the electrical cabinet. The power company was called but, on review of the situation, declined to take action claiming that it was "private" wiring. At that point we called in Steve to review the situation and provide an estimate to remedy the problem. He had come highly recommended.
We particularly appreciated his prompt response and professional attitude in evaluating the problem, demonstrating  his knowledge and expertiste. Without delay, he presented a written evaluation of the issues to be addressed and costs involved along with an estimated timeframe for the work to be done.
In addition to rewiring and replacing the cabinet, he also had to remove the electrical meter from the back porch and place it on the side of the house where it should have been placed originally.
He obtained the necessary permit to undertake the work; clearly explained the steps involved and answered our questions clearly.
Steve undertook the required tasks, working over the weekend to ensure the least interruption to our activities. He did a great job which passed inspection and had our home safely wired as promised. His work  ethic and integrity made us trust him entirely with the project. We will surely call him for future projects and have highly recommended him to others. We really appreciated his work and attitude and wish him the very best in the future which we believe is very bright.
Brighton Research Group (Virginia Beach, VA)

The professional, quality service that I.A. Electric provided to my business exceeded my expectations. I.A. Electric service price points were unbelievably, especially considering the quality of service provided.

T. Astorga
Owner/Brighton Research Group